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What is offered with beach rentals?

Cape Cod Beach Front Rental

Get comfy with the ones you love in adorable, New England vacation rental cottages. Many of these Cape Cod beach front rentals are available and they offer luxuries like:

• heated pools
• boat or kayak rentals
• fishing excursions
• bike rides along the beach

If bigger and more corporate is your style, however, check-in to one of the countless hotels that offer spectacular water views. These beautiful sites often offer free breakfast, pools and even Internet access.

Whar are the acommodations and prices of cape cod rentals?

Vacation Rental in Cape Cod

A vacation rental in Cape Cod includes all sorts of accommodations. From Provincetown to Chatham to Falmouth, there are standard hotels, motels and/or resorts. Look into an oceanfront lodging or curl up in an intimate bed and breakfast! Before heading to a Bed and breakfast, however, take these things into consideration:

• Most inns do not permit smoking
• Most inns do not allow traveling pets (leave fluffy and fido at home)
• Many are adult oriented although some do welcome families
• Many only offer shared share baths (usually located down the hall from the rooms)

Is Provincetown Worth a Visit?

Popular Provincetown Draws Repeat Visitors

Provincetown, called P-Town by locals, is located in the outermost point of Cape Cod. Known as an artist's haven, there are treasures awaiting you in the eclectic galleries along Commercial Street

Over 30 miles of beach front and an active historic seaport make Provincetown the perfect launching point for whale watching. History buffs appreciate the Pilgrim Monument (the tallest granite structure in America) and Provincetown Heritage Museum. And, when the sun goes down, nightlife is Provincetown is anything but boring.

Provincetown is not a day-trip kind of place. There's way too much to enjoy. Fortunately finding perfect accommodations is easy. Provincetown vacation home rentals are as diverse as the town itself. For example, couples seeking a romantic retreat fall in love with The Tree House with its amazing unobstructed views of the harbor. Rent in July and August is $1,700 per week. Shoulder or off season rates are a bargain at $150 per night for a three night minimum stay. For a group of family or friends, nearby Treetops Duplex sits upon the top of its own hill in Provincetown's East End and is surrounded by private gardens and breath-taking views of the entire Provincetown Harbor. Off-season rates start September 9th at $200 per night (three night minimum) or $1,700 per week.

It is said that no one forgets their first visit to Provincetown and no one makes the first visit the last.

What is offered with beach rentals?

Cape Cod Beach Front Rental

Cape Cod beach front rental water view hotels often offer free breakfast, pools and, for those who still need to be in contact with the outside world, the Internet! If you don't want to stay in a hotel, however, there are many available rental cottages with heated pools and boat or kayak rentals for local fishing excursions.

*Remember cell phones do not work on the water. Be prepared to signal with a horn, flares, mirror, smoke signals, carrier pigeon, or whatever other means you had the foresight to take with you (don't bother with whistles—wind and boat motors wandering can make whistles useless).

What about the beaches in Cape Cod?

Cape Cod Beaches

The Outer Cape National Seashore beaches on the Atlantic usually have heavy surf. Besides beaches, Upper & Mid-Cape have shopping, recreational opportunities & historical attractions! There are endless miles of Cape Cod summer rentals on the coastline with beautiful sandy beaches.

*If you don't get to the beach before 10:30 AM, you will be waiting in line for a parking space, however, if you go after 4 PM, you won't have to pay!

Are there any campgrounds in Cape Cod ?

Cape Cod Vacation Rentals

Want to visit Martha's Vineyard for less and without actually staying amidst the countless other tourists? Instead, try staying somewhere just outside the area. Sippewissett MA Campground and Cabins is family-oriented, located in Falmouth, close to the Martha's Vineyard ferries.

*Free shuttle service transports campers to nearby beaches and ferries carry visitors to Martha's Vineyard.

What are some ideas for rentals?

Cape Cod Rentals

Your vacation begins here with a wide choice of Cape Cod rentals ranging from beach cottages to luxury rentals.
*You might want to avoid traveling to the Cape on Fridays between 2-9 p.m. and Saturday mornings between 8-11 a.m., especially extended weekends.

In Falmouth you can find family lodgings in a woodland setting offering paddleboat, heated pool and barbecue grills!
*Remember areas get congested, so take The Breeze bus to your destinations or ride your bike.

Is Cape Cod a Good Wedding Destination?

Cape Cod Weddings Spell Romance

There are many locations in Cape Cod that lead to happily-after-after. Whether you want a barefoot beach wedding, an intimate garden soiree or a formal affair for a hundred or so of your closest friends, you will find the perfect venue for every budget in Cape Cod. Popular locations for Cape Cod wedding include: the Nobska Light House overlooking the vineyard in Falmouth, Spohr Gardens, Gray's Beach in Yarmouth, Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown, Nauset Lighthouse Grounds or Nauset Light Beach in Eastham and Marconi Beach in Wellfleet.

Use these additional tips to ensure that the big day goes off without a hitch:

· Choose your wedding theme or style. The options are endless in Cape Cod. Go traditional or trendy. This day is all about your hopes and dreams.

· Choose your wedding date as soon as possible. The Cape is a popular wedding destination. Spring or fall weddings are lovely on Cape Cod. Consider a wedding date during the shoulder or off-season to avoid summer crowds and save money.

· It is easy for wedding expenses to get out of control. Decide on a wedding budget and stick to it. Fortunately, the variety and proximity of Cape Cod house, cottage and condo rentals makes it easy for family and guests to find accommodations.

· Hire a local wedding coordinator. Planning a wedding is exciting, but also stressful. A local wedding coordinator can save money and handle the myriad of details necessary to ensure that your wedding is perfect.

Finally, Cape Cod is a wonderfully romantic honeymoon destination. Instead of adding the stress of travel after the wedding, give yourselves time to relax and enjoy your honeymoon in a romantic cottage for two in Cape Cod.

When is the Best Season to Visit Cape Cod?

Best Time to Vacation in Cape Cod

For many visitors Cape Cod is a year-round destination. Each season holds special delights nd activities. Summer season is considered the high season. Vacation rental rates are the highest and the beaches are crowded as vacationers seek to escape the heat of the city. Fall season is longer than most of New England. Accommodation rates drop shortly after Labor Day. Ocean waters cool down slowly and days are temperate allowing visitors to enjoy the beaches well into November. Winter in Cape Cod tends to be somewhat milder than inland. Spring comes slowly to the Cape with chilly nights and frequent fog. Off-season rates make travel to Cape Cod during the fall, winter and spring a bargain.

Note: Always check the weather when planning any vacation. Dressing appropriately for the local climate makes travel more pleasurable. In Cape Cod, even summer evenings may turn chilly and a light jacket or wrap is necessary. In winter, think layers rather than bulk and a winter beach walk followed by a warm drink in front of a cozy fire is the perfect combination of exhilaration and relaxation.

Besides the Beach, What Is There to Do in Cape Cod?

Things to Do in Cape Cod

Although most visitors enjoy leisurely days sunning, swimming and strolling sandy beaches lulled by the sound of the surf; there is plenty to do off the beach in Cape Cod. Here's just a sample of the treats in store for you:

· Spend a morning or afternoon whale watching.

· Adventurous types go for windsurfing, sea kayaking, diving or deep-sea fishing.

· Cape Cod abounds with specialty and antique shops, golf courses, museums and sightseeing tours.

· View Cape Cod dunes, marshes, towns and villages with a ride on the Cape Cod Central Railroad. You can enjoy a three-hour ride with a five-course meal on the dinner train.

  • Meet the “ghosts” of Jonathan Hatch and friends at the Falmouth Ghost Tour at the Old Burying Ground off Locust Street· Catch a performance at the Barnstable Comedy Club, one of the oldest, longest-running community theaters in Massachusetts.

Get the idea? It's never boring at the beach in Cape Cod.

Are Rentals on Cape Cod Expensive?

What to Expect in Cape Cod Rental Rates

There are literally hundreds of Cape Cod vacation rentals; so finding the right property for your budget should not be a problem. Before beginning your search for the perfect property, determine how much you want to spend for a weekend or a week's stay.

For instance, a beautiful waterfront getaway on Mill Pond in Chatham features three bedrooms, two baths and comes with use of a canoe and paddle boat for fun on the water. Weekly rental rates range from $3,500 per week in the summer to $1,700 in the early fall. In Brewster, an ocean edge resort condo with two bedrooms and two baths and all the comforts of home and more rents for as low as $1,400 per week.

Note: Multi-bedroom homes and condos make it easy to share travel costs with family or friends. Also, if your travel schedule is flexible, you can save travel dollars by renting during the "shoulder" season in late spring or early fall. Cuddle up by the fireplace during chilly nights and enjoy temperate days on Cape Cod beaches.

How do you find the best Cape Cod rental?

Finding the Best Cape Cod Beach Rental

There is no shortage of great Cape Cod vacation rentals; however, it pays to plan ahead to score the perfect rental especially during the summer season and on holiday weekends. Cape Cod locals offer these tips:

  • Begin your search by searching the Internet using targeted phrases such as "Cape Cod summer rentals" or "vacationing in Cape Cod."
  • Study vacation rental properties online to ensure that the accommodations, location and rental policies meet your needs. If being on the beachfront is important, you may be disappointed with a property blocks away from the shore.
  • Don't rely only on Web site photographs. Contact the property owner to clarify questions and ensure availability of personal needs and preferences.
  • Get rental contracts in writing. Examine cancellation clauses and restrictions.

What are some dining recommendations in Cape Cod?

Delectable Dining in Cape Cod

From rustic waterfront seafood shanties to romantic fine dining, Cape Cod boasts over 1,000 eateries between Provincetown on the outermost tip of the Cape and the Canal. According to the Chamber of Commerce, you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at a different spot each day and never dine at the same place twice in a year.

No matter what your taste buds crave, there is great dining close by. For fine dining, check out Twenty Eight Atlantic in Chatham, The Captain Linnell House in Orleans or the Sunday Brunch at Coonamessett Inn in Falmouth. Indulge in all-you-can-eat Brazilian barbeque at the famous Brazilian Grill in Hyannis. Pack a picnic. Go gourmet; there are plenty of markets and restaurants to provide fancy fixings. Or, keep it simple; a hot dog and a cold beer never taste better than on the beach.

Also, no New England trip is complete without digging into a traditional Cape Cod Clambake. Local restaurants offer versions of clambakes. Combine a clambake and a sunset cruise with a Cape Cod Clambake Cruise. Or, throw your own old-fashioned shindig for family and friends at your Cape Cod cottage. Cape Cod Old Fashioned Clambakes and Clams ‘R' Us will do all the work while you take the bows for the feast.

Here's a sample Clambake menu:

Clambake Menu
1-1¼lb Fresh Native Lobster
Farm Fresh Corn on the Cob
Drawn Butter & Seasoned Broth
Chatham Steamed Clams
Linqucia Sweet Sausage
New Potatoes
Steamed Onions
Sweet Potatoes
Cape Cod Cookie

(Note: Landlubbers don't despair. A pig roast is available with the same side dishes!)

Why Choose a Cape Cod Vacation Rental?

It's Easy to Fall in Love with Cape Cod.

Cape Cod is a scenic peninsula on the coast of Massachusetts. It is connected to the mainland by two highway bridges across the Cape Cod Canal. There is also ferry service between Provincetown - a city on the tip of Cape Cod - and Boston.

Cape Cod is made up of four distinctive sections. The Upper Cape is the section closest to the mainland. The Mid-Cape area is home of Falmouth, known for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and other research groups. The Lower Cape is the most northern and narrow part of the Cape. The Outer Cape is the outermost part and is known for beautiful beaches like Nauset Light Beach in Eastham. In addition to well-known towns like: Falmouth, Chatham and Eastham.

Whether you are looking for the perfect destination for a family reunion, a guys' golf outing, a girlfriends' getaway or a romantic retreat, there is a Cape Cod vacation rental to match your taste and budget. Picture a five bedroom fine home on the beach-front. Imagine an evening by the fire in a romantic bungalow for two. Like upscale accommodations? Check into a luxurious condominium packed with perks. Stay for the weekend, a week, a month or the season and discover how easy it is in the words of Patti Page to "Fall in Love with Old Cape Cod."

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