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Where can we find vacation condo rentals?

Vacation Condo Rentals

Vacation condo rentals are offered by owners all around the world in stimulating spots. You can find them in exciting cities, seaside resorts, mountain retreats, and romantic countrysides (to name a few). The list is endless and most vacation condos are located in popular destinations and are comfortable home-away-from-homes.

When planning a vacation, ask friends and family about their vacation condo experiences. Who else understands your tastes and won't head you in the wrong destination (unless, of course, you've done them wrong before and then I wouldn't suggest this). Generally you'll get great recommendations from those that know you best!

Why are vacation condos popular?

Vacation Condo Rentals Growing Popularity

Vacation condo rentals are popular not just with families but with independent travelers as well. To families, a condo rental will almost always have more space at a lower price while hotels are small and expensive. And, vacation condos often include amenities like unlimited golf/tennis privileges, a mere minute or two stroll to the beach, or pool usage. No wonder it's a great way to go!

When traveling with kids in the family, be prepared for anything. No matter how you travel or where you stay, bring some games, books and toys. Try an old briefcase for a handy container and writing surface—children can store crayons/coloring books and other items inside plus use it for a tabletop to write and draw on!

What are the pros and cons or condo rentals?

Vacation Condos Gains and Losses

True you do give up some pampering when vacationing in a condo rental (there are usually no maid services, room service, or in-house restaurants). Most feel, however, that what you gain more than makes up for the losses.

Condo rentals offer things like space, monetary savings, and perks that come from renting from an owner (like golf/tennis privileges and pools). It is simply a matter of preference.

*FYI, in case you're like me, it's important when you look for a vacation rental you know it is allergy-sufferer friendly. Inquire about previous pets or that it is clean and smoke-free AND there is positively no chance or allergic odors!

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