Things to Do in Cape Cod

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Besides the Beach, What Is There to Do in Cape Cod?

Things to Do in Cape Cod

Although most visitors enjoy leisurely days sunning, swimming and strolling sandy beaches lulled by the sound of the surf; there is plenty to do off the beach in Cape Cod. Here's just a sample of the treats in store for you:

· Spend a morning or afternoon whale watching.

· Adventurous types go for windsurfing, sea kayaking, diving or deep-sea fishing.

· Cape Cod abounds with specialty and antique shops, golf courses, museums and sightseeing tours.

· View Cape Cod dunes, marshes, towns and villages with a ride on the Cape Cod Central Railroad. You can enjoy a three-hour ride with a five-course meal on the dinner train.

  • Meet the “ghosts” of Jonathan Hatch and friends at the Falmouth Ghost Tour at the Old Burying Ground off Locust Street· Catch a performance at the Barnstable Comedy Club, one of the oldest, longest-running community theaters in Massachusetts.

Get the idea? It's never boring at the beach in Cape Cod.



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