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Where can I go with my spouse for a romantic vacation?

Romantic Vacation Villas

So, you want a little romance with that special one?

• How about a beach vacation villa with a private outdoor pool in the North Coast of India?
• Try Kenmore, Scotland with their rural, waterfront villas
• Enjoy golden sunsets in San Francisco, CA or a hide-a-way in the mountains of Gatlinburg, TN
• Go to Anna Maria Island, Florida for a tropical Asian ambiance with pool and coconut groves

Want a suggestion for a romantic getaway? Look for spot with romantic restaurants, scenic drives, and secluded beaches (remember to check the travel weather and destination info to see what to expect and what not to miss). People say half the fun of romantic getaways is anticipation so start dreaming!

What cities or countries can we do shopping vacation rentals in?

Shopping Vacation Rentals

Shopping is one of the most fun things to do during vacation. The most obvious place to head for a shopping villa is in the heart of New York City. Here are some other suggestions:

• St. Petersburg
• Clearwater, Florida
• Barcelona City
• Spain
• Venice, Italy
• Amsterdam, Holland

Her are some useful shopping hints:

Want some great shopping strategies? Try these:

• Most towns feature a main street where you'll find chain stores that dominate the retail scene
• Vendors at flea markets where you bargain on a prices
• VAT is the British version of sales tax, but it is a whopping 17.5% on most goods
• Consider paying for excess baggage or have your packages shipped independently
• Look out for duty free airports

Where are there vacation rental villas where we can have our pets?

Vacation Villa Accomodating Animals

Many vacation rentals acknowledge family pets.

• Florida vacation villas accept pets, north to south/west to east
• Whistler in British Columbia is pet friendly
• Canada has an amazing wooded area for your canine friend to romp through
• Glacier, Washington, a breathtaking rural mountain region, welcomes furry friends

Before toting spot and whiskers along, call your favorite vacation villa spot and ask about per policies. Keep in mind that many places do not allow animals.

*Aside from the usual identification tag with name, home address, and phone number, your pet's collar should include a separate tag that contains information about where you are staying away from home—if your pet becomes lost, this will allow you to be easily contacted.

Where can I go for a low cost villa?

Budget Villas

Crunched for money but still want that vacation villa?

• The Hampton Lakes, Florida area for around $85 per day
• Want the Caribbean? Barbados villas is about $50 per day
• You can travel to New South Wales, Australia for around $450 a week

Pack the most fun into your vacation! Try these hints:

• When making reservations, say it's your honeymoon—you never know what extras you'll get
• Get to the hotel a little early and book a room there (many hotels overcharge on phone calls)

Where can we find vacation villa that are wheelchair accessible?

Wheelchair Accessible Vacation Vental Villas

Wheelchair accommodations are becoming more prevalent in traveling than ever before. In the US, accessible vacation villa rentals are available in states for sunning like Florida and California or even Hawaii. Anticipate the worst, however, and keep these things in mind:

• If you able to fly First Class, go for it (MORE room and lot more enjoyable)
• Book non-stop flights if possible but if not, allow at least 45 minutes for connecting flights
• Have tickets mailed to your home
• Travel with a companion
• If traveling in a Power-Driven wheel chair, be sure that you have gel-cell batteries
• Check with the flight attendant before landing to make an easy exit

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