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What does France have to offer for luxury vacation?

Luxury French Rentals

France is a country for people who love romance, rural beauty, fine cuisine, and flawless wines. By the way, did you know there is a "French Wine for Dummies" book? Pick it up!

France is a country dripped in centuries old tradition that offer luxury vacation rental properties in places such as Provence, Dordogne, Loire, Biarritz near Paris and Ile-de-France. You can enjoy luxury rental properties at St.-Tropez as well.

If you're planning a trip to France, learn travel French (airport vocabulary, asking for help, etc.). Here are some key phrases to learn:

• Where is…?
• How much does it cost?
• Can you help me?
• And, my favorite: Help! I'm lost! (which is – Au secours! Je suis perdu!)

Where can I go for a unique luxury villa?

Tuscan Luxury Villa

On 6 acres of Tuscan countryside in an isolated area with spectacular scenery, an “L” shaped luxury vacation rental villa is available, among others. Once a garrison and a watchtower, it has recently been restored into a country villa house arrived at by a long, rarely traveled lane. This rental property includes covered patio, microwave, marbled sink, and stunning fireplace for cooking as well as gatherings!

Bear in mind, streets in surrounding villages are small and unsuitable for most cars. Often you need to park you car outside the town and enter the village by foot. However, one sort of transportation you can ride with no problem on the roads is a zippy scooter called a paggio. Break loose and rent one!

What is available for a large family gathering?

Unique Place for Families to Gather

Looking for a luxury home rental for a family gathering? Try looking in the private community of Deer Crest, Deer Valley Ski Resort, Park City, UT. This luxurious ski-in ski-out is available for weddings/special events! Offering a 24/7 in-house butler, outdoor waterfall flowing into year-round hot tub, pool table, and surround sound stereo system. And, this place sleeps 14+! Tylenol anyone?

Lets discuss tipping since the home has a butler. Allocate a tip of 40% of the total villa cost. If there is a cook, 40 to 50% while a maid should get a mere 20 to 25%. Typically, you should place the tip in individual envelopes and distribute the day you leave.

What is available for cabins in North Carolina?

North Carolina Luxury Cabin Getaway

Near Asheville, North Carolina, smack-dab in the Blue Ridge/Smoky Mountains is a private luxury cabin rental offering tranquil and peaceful getaways with every amenity possible (not to mention bears, bears and more bears). These rentals are within driving distance to experiences like river rafting, mountain golf, and horseback riding!

Riding a horse is not just about hopping onto the saddle and riding like the wind. Always mount on the left side of the horse, hold your reins in your hands, and do not jerk the reins (that will hurt the horse's mouth). Instead, pull your reins in the direction that you want to go (left or right), keep only the ball of your foot in the stirrup with heels down, toes up, and hold on to the horn for balance (and dear life)! Now ride like the wind!

Where can I go for a luxury villa vacation?

Luxury Villa Vacation

Discover the pleasures that a luxury villa rental in Bali can bring. The ageless village of Sanur, embraces a river bank in peaceful Ubud. The resort environment of Nusa Dua that offers heavenly conditions for couples on honeymoons. Bali Melita Private Villas are aimed towards relaxing families and include all amenities!

If you're tempted to rent a car to explore, don't (especially if driving on the right is norm). And, if you are still thinking of it, you will need to have an International Driving License or a Tourist Driving License. A Tourist Driving License can be obtained at Jl. Cokorde Agung Tresna 14, Renon.

*Bring a copy of your passport and the driving license from your home country. Cost is Rp. 100.000 and the license is valid for 30 days.

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