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What kind of restaurants will I find at disney?

Disney World Restaurants

The eats are good at Disney so don't be shy at chow time. On Disney vacations you can treat yourself to a range of dining pleasures. If you want sit down dining check out the House of Blues (which offers entertainment and music) or Rainforest Café (which wows you with cascading waterfalls and erupting volcanoes). If you want quicker service, however, Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop and McDonalds are better options.

Keep in mind that Disney parks are crowded, touristy places and you won't be the only one with a grumbling stomach around meal time. 11am to 2pm and 6pm to 8pm are considered the dining rush hours in and around Disney parks. If you want to be seated more quickly and avoid the crowds, don't eat around these times.

Are there any package deals for vacation rentals in Florida?

Hunting for Florida Package Deals

Surf the web to register for e-mail newsletters filled with travel tips, coupons, and discount deals that will reduce your Orlando vacation costs. Look for:

• Attractions discounts
• Florida vacation rental discounts
• Free items and tips for those on a budget

Whether it is for lodging, food, or attractions – coupons SAVE money! Look for them in newspapers, convenience stores, motels, etc. And, remember to always read the fine print.

What other geographical areas will there be around our Orlando vacation rental?

Geographical Areas in Orlando

Most people come to Orlando to enjoy the excitement of the theme parks. However, most don't realize that you don't have to stay in the midst of everything to enjoy the attractions.

Just south of Orlando lies Kissimmee which is minutes form Disney. Lake Buena Vista is directly adjacent to Disney and convenient to the popular Pleasure Island. From East Orlando to downtown Orlando you will find Orlando vacation rentals dotted throughout. You can tame the "give me's", and “rest” your pocket at the same time by giving children a preset spending limit.

* It's a great idea to invest in an autograph book (about $6 at most attractions) and watch the fun as the children collect the "autographs" of their favorite characters. Let them go wild!

Any hints on Disney World?

A Couple of Theme Park Hints

It may be “a small world after all” but trying to avoid long lines and expensive prices on your Disney vacation doesn't exactly make it “a world of laughter and a world of joy”.

Within the boundaries of Walt Disney World are four 4 theme parks (The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM and Animal Kingdom). These are family vacation hot spots and, like all crowded tourist attractions, can be both inconvenient and expensive. Smile, however, here are a few fantastic hints to help you enjoy a more pleasurable and convenient trip:

• Parking is free at the Water Parks
• Each theme park offers the new Fastpass system that allows you to bypass long lines for the top attractions
• Hit the big rides early in the morning and late in the afternoon, you will find fewer people, especially fewer little ones.
• Eat at off hours, late breakfast or early lunch and an early or late dinner will mean fewer people and faster service.

What's to see at Disney?

Disney Vacations

Think you've outgrown the fantasy in Fantasyland? Think again. Disney vacations offer kids of all ages an enchanted experience. Disney World isn't just geared toward the little ones. In fact, Disney has evolved into an adult vacation complex comparable to a Club Med! That's right, Mickey offers excellent golf courses, tennis facilities, spas, saunas, bass fishing, and even bars and clubs.

If you plan on sneaking away from the kids for some much-deserved ‘adult time' stay in a Disney hotel and you'll have the option to enroll Jr. in supervised children's programs. He can have fun enjoying crafts, activities, and games while you explore what Disney really has to offer.

What are some beaches that will be near our orlando vacation rentals?

Orlando Florida Beaches

Orlando vacation rentals are surrounded by famous beaches that can appeal to any vacationer:

• Cocoa and Daytona Beach are known for spring breaks
• Melbourne is know for surf boarding
• Paradise and Ormond Beach are quiet, relaxing spots
• New Smyrna Beach is somewhere in the middle – shop frenzied but still quiet
• Ponce Inlet is both historical and peaceful

The beach is wonderful but there are safety concerns:

• Stay within designated swimming area and within the sights of a lifeguard
• Never swim alone
• Know the flag warning system: Red: Stay OUT, Yellow: Use CAUTION, Blue: Calm

Exercise common sense - if the waves look dangerous, they probably are. Use the brains the good Lord gave you!

What about Orlando rentals?

Orlando Vacation Rentals

A Disney vacation doesn't have to break the bank. You can enjoy a cheap Disney vacation without surrendering any of the luxuries. Instead of staying in pricey Disney hotels and dealing with the bustling crowds, look into a Disney vacation rental home.

Close to the excitement of Walt Disney World and Orlando Florida attractions, Disney vacation rental homes are roomy, private and peaceful. There's a wide selection of Orlando and Disney World vacation rentals from which you can choose with pools, air conditioning, full kitchens, and more.

Rental homes can help you avoid crowds while you rest but while you play you can avoid crowds as well. Lines for the rides are drastically shorter during shows and parades so take advantage of the lull and avoid the long waits.

What are Disney rental homes like?

Disney Rentals

Disney vacation rental homes can be as reasonably priced as a mere $99 per night! Don't worry though, they still offer all the usual amenities. After an exhausting day of the hustle and bustle of theme parks you can experience cool AC, pleasant furnishings, cable TV, VCR and stereo. Surf the net to find great deals that will help you plan a cheap Disney vacation.

To save even more money, pack snacks in sealable freezer bags to enjoy while walking around the theme parks. Food items sold within the parks tend to be a bit pricey.

What is available for a rental near disney?

Rentals Close to Disney

Let's face it, the Magic Kingdom is a little crowded. Why not rent your own house instead?

Make your Disney vacation rental private and homey--rent an entire house for less than a reasonably priced hotel. Disney vacation rental homes can be found just minutes away from the theme park. You can be a tourist by day and relax in the comforts of a real home at night.

What kind of accomodations can I find for vacation rentals in florida?

Vacation Rentals in Florida

Find the perfect Orlando vacation rental place to accommodate you and your family. You can choose from several types of timeshares, rent a vacation home or condo, or even camp under the stars!

Try one of Orlando's bed and breakfast retreats to escape the ordinary. Or maybe, your vacation rental should be in one of the city's many romantic hotels?

*If you're planning a family vacation, eat breakfast where kids eat free or split meals. This is an enormous savings for a family of four or more. Sometime children are too excited or tired to eat much. Restaurants that are kid friendly are happy to oblige requests for extra plates.

What can I get cheap for disney?

Cheap Disney Vacation Packages

You CAN have a cheap Disney vacation. A clever and persistent buyer can grab arrangements such as:

• A 3 day Disney vacation with 2 nights at a 3 star motel and 2 tickets to the theme park of your choice starting at $99
• 3 nights, 2 days and 2 tickets for around $167
• 4 days, 3 nights and 2 day unlimited access to Universal Escape for about $238

It's possible to get great package deals if you're willing to hunt for them. Start by dropping by a sizeable travel agency and picking up as many brochures on Disney deals (from assorted companies) as you can find. Take them home and compare them (if you flip through them in the agency you're likely to have to subject yourself to agents trying to sell you on expensive packages). You can also find great deals and information on www.disneyworld.com. Do your homework and you're likely to find a killer deal—they're out there.

Family vacation in Florida?

Thoughts on Florida Vacations

It's OK to be a beach bum! Head to Florida to experience a fantastic family beach vacation spot. Not only does it have palm trees that sway in balmy gulf breezes and astonishing beach views but it also has great family spots. Everyone can enjoy year round sailing, fishing and quality shopping that could rival LA, California!

If you want to document your beach vacation, however, use extreme caution when using a digital camera in the sand. Grains of sand get everywhere (as we all know) and closing a zoom-lens with sand on it will jam it up and put your camera out of commission. Make sure to clean all debris off of your zoom-lens before closing it if you want to be able to fill up that vacation album.

What kind of key west vacation rental are there available?

Key West Vacation Rentals

Key West is a 77 degree tropical, historic island city filled with fine old restored homes. Key West has sandy beaches, boutiques, art galleries, legendary pubs, open-air bars, and famous restaurants. Key West vacation rentals include cottages decorated in hot and sassy Caribbean colors! There are condos with Jacuzzis and renter homes with heated pools and breathtaking sunsets.

Even if you are there for the attractions, consider spending a day away from them. You're paying for that hotel swimming pool/spa - use it! Eat lunch in your room. You'll be surprised how enjoyable potato chips and a sandwich can taste away from home! Give yourself a break from heat and crowds and just lay back and breath!

Should I spend Spring Break in Florida?

Planning Spring Break in Florida

For spring breakers around the globe, Florida is perhaps the most popular destination. Everyone wants to get in on the endless beaches and unbeatable nightlife that are both present in various hotspots around the state of Florida.

When planning your spring break, the first item on your to-do list should be to find a place to stay. While hotels and resorts are nice, the only true way to enjoy spring break is to stay at one of the Florida vacation rentals. There are a number of different types of vacation rentals:

Florida Vacation Home Rentals
If you are traveling with a large group of people, you should consider renting out a vacation home. Vacation homes are available for rent on a weekly or even monthly basis, depending on how long you need it.

Florida Vacation Villas
Villas are the next step down from a vacation home, but they are still quite lovely. If you are going with a small group, perhaps just you and a spouse, a vacation villa is likely the best option for you.

Florida Vacation Condo Rentals
If you want to save money or be right in the thick of the action, consider a vacation condo rental. These condos are vary reasonably priced and usually come with plenty of amenities.

How can you get the most of your money at Disney?

Make the Most of Your Disney Vacation

The sheer number of vacation attractions and activities in the Orlando area are overwhelming. It pays to plan ahead to make the most of precious vacation time and dollars.

  • Purchase the All-in-One-Hopper Pass and save admission costs for multiple Disney theme parks. A typical one day admission to one park is around $63 for ages 10+. A five-day Hopper Pass is $179 per person with advance purchase. (Purchase online through Disney for extra savings and benefits. The multiple admission/multiple day pass saves money and stress.)
  • Don't try to “do it all in a day” at any theme park. Mix and match. Alternate tiring theme park activities with more passive pursuits. Come and go you please.
  • Spend some of the dollars saved on your vacation rental stay for a Disney FASTPASS and avoid long waits for the most popular rides.
  • No matter how well you plan, you can never see it all on one vacation to Central Florida.
A Florida vacation rental makes a memorable annual family tradition.

Where should you stay in Orlando?

Central Florida Is the Gateway to Family Fun

Walt Disney World in Orlando continues to lure more visitors than any other single attraction anywhere in the world. Multiple theme parks are packed with over 100 major attractions, including the Magic Kingdom , Epcot, Disney-MGM, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach Water Park , Downtown Disney Marketplace and Pleasure Island . Universal Orlando , SeaWorld and Old Town-Kissimmee are other top entertainment venues.

Deciding where to stay is a smart start. With over 25,000 hotel rooms, there's no shortage of places to stay in Orlando . However, one of the best kept secrets for a perfect stay is a Disney vacation rental. After a tiring day at theme parks, don't return to a crowded hotel with an extra roll-away cot for the kids. Picture returning to a spacious, fully-equipped Disney rental home with three or four bedrooms and three baths. No waiting in line for the bathroom. Unwind with a tall cool drink by your private swimming pool. Later, grill burgers or steaks on the patio and feed the family for a few dollars rather standing in line at a crowded restaurant and dropping a small fortune. Frequent travelers estimate the average savings for a family of four staying in a Disney rental home at over $1,500 for one week.

What is there to do in the Daytona Beach area?

Blast Off on Florida's Space Coast

Florida's Space Coast runs along the east coast from Ormond Beach to Vero Beach in the south. Home to NASA and the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex; visitors get a firsthand look at America's exploration into space through interactive exhibits, movies and tours. Time your visit right and experience the thrill of watching a space launch. Check NASA's calendar for upcoming launch dates.

A vacation rental home on the Space Coast is the perfect base for exploring the coast and central Florida attractions. Less than one hour from Orlando, it is a short drive to Disney theme parks and other central Florida attractions. Nearby, Daytona Beach, often called the world's most famous beach, is 23 miles long and 500 feet wide at low tide. Daytona Beach draws race fans to the Daytona International Speedway and Daytona USA. Each year thousands of motorcyclists roll into town for Bike Week. There's always something exciting happening on Florida's Space Coast.

Is there more than Key West in the Florida Keys?

Life is Laid-Back in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys sprawl 110 miles southwest of Miami, connected to the mainland by the causeways and bridges. Life in the Keys moves a little slower. Expect fun and funky; entertaining and eccentric. Travel temptations in the Florida Keys include:

Key Largo, the first island from Miami, is a perfect escape from the doldrums of the real world. Spend seven days in a beach cottage complete with a sailboat, glass-bottom boat a kayak for lazy days on water or diving and snorkeling over shipwrecks at nearby John Penekamp State Park. Ahhh!

Islamorada offers world-class off-shore fishing or try your hand at the art of bonefishing in shallow waters close to shore. Picture a barefoot four-bedroom vacation rental villa right on the beach just steps from crystal waters with room for eight friends and family.

Marathon Key is the mid-way point in the Keys. A beachfront rental is the perfect base for exploring all the attractions in the Key archipelago.

Key West is the southernmost point in the continental United States. Rent a tropical cottage or a penthouse condo right on the ocean. Laze away the days. Watch for the famous “green flash” sunset in Mallory Square, sample the hot nightlife on famous Duval Street

Beware! Life in the Florida Keys is contagious; a visit may turn into a lifetime.

When is the best time to plan a trip to Florida?

Best Time to Visit Florida

Florida is a year-round vacation destination. However, consider these facts about when to get the best deals on Florida vacation rentals:

  • South Florida high season rates are from mid-December through mid-March when winter wreaks havoc in the northeast. Summer in south Florida at hot and humid.
  • North Florida experiences a change of seasons and opposite high seasons. Summer is high season. Fall and spring are optimal times to visit. Temperature on winter nights may occasionally drop near freezing and daytime temperature average 62 F.
  • In the Orlando area, Disney theme parks are packed during summer months and holidays when the kids are out of school. If travel plans are flexible, take the kids out of school a few days and reserve your Disney home rental or Florida vacation rental during the shoulder season prior to or immediately after high season rates. For example, visit Disney in October, avoid crowds and enjoy the wonderful respite from summer heat and humidity.
After four major hurricanes hit Florida in 2004, many visitors expressed concerns about travel to Florida during hurricane season. Fortunately, major hurricanes are still a rare weather event. Florida has averaged only one major hurricane hit every two years in more than 100 years. Nevertheless, hurricane season runs from June through November with the highest probabilities of a hurricane impact in mid-August through early October. Even if a tropical system is forecast for Florida, the storm can affect one part of the state while the sun shines in other parts. Early and improved weather forecasting also provides advance warning of potential weather problems. If hurricanes are a concern, plan your Florida vacation rental for months outside of the seasons or protect your travel investment with travel insurance.

How do you choose where to go in Florida?

Where to Stay and Play in Florida

Florida is all about diversity when it comes to attractions, activities and accommodations. Let your personal interests determine your location. Florida is a golf Mecca; lauded as the golf capital of the world. Florida is the first choice for avid anglers. In addition to off-shore saltwater fishing expeditions, there are nearly 30,000 lakes and rivers for fresh water fishing. Florida is an affordable, family-friendly destination with the largest concentration of theme parks in the U.S. And, a trip to Florida also offers a bounty of rich ethnic experiences and historical treasures. If you have missed the pleasures of a Florida vacation rental, you've come to the right place for some great tips from visitors who return year after year to escape Old Man Winter in the “Sunshine State.”

If you dream of idyllic days relaxing on the beach, a seaside cottage, condominium or villa puts the beach on your doorstep. When visiting destinations major city like Orlando, a centrally located Disney rental home near major theme parks offers convenience, cost-saving and a relaxing haven from cramped hotel rooms. Newly-weds or 50th anniversary honeymooners often seek romantic Florida vacation rentals away from busy tourist attractions. And, golfers throughout Florida book vacation rentals right on the greens. Continue on to discover the delightful diversity of locations throughout Florida.

What's special about Florida?

Florida Vacation Overview

Juan Ponce de Leon first landed in Florida in 1513 in search of the fabled Fountain of Youth. Although he never found the fountain, over 80 million visitors still flock to Florida from around the world year in search of fun and sun.

The Florida peninsula boasts over 1200 miles of coastline framed by sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. If you walked one mile of Florida beach every day, it would take you over two-and-a-half years to get around the whole state. From the tip of the Florida Keys to central Florida's amazing theme parks to the scenic beaches of Florida's Emerald Coast in the most northwestern part of the state, Florida boasts more vacation home rentals than any other state. The most difficult part of planning a vacation to Florida is deciding where to stay and play.

What kind of vacation rental choices are there on Florida's west coast?

Relax and Revive on Florida's Nature Coast

The west coast of Florida boasts miles of some of the top-rated beaches. The Sarasota, Bradenton, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater areas are home to Fort De Soto Park, America's No. 1-rated beach; Caladesi Island , America 's No. 4-rated beach and Clearwater Beach , ranked No. 1 for city beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. Off the beach, more than 50 golf courses challenge the skills of beginners to pro golfers. From the Greek influence in Tarpon Springs to the Scottish heritage of Dunedin, 26 diverse communities offer cultural experiences for all tastes.

Florida vacation rentals on the west coast include charming beach cottages, elegant beachfront homes, beach compounds and condominiums. Choose a cozy Old-Florida style cottage for a romantic weekend getaway or bring the whole family and a dozen close to your own private beach compound. Accommodations include: six bedrooms, four baths, three kitchens, four living area,k several decks and a two-story children's playhouse with a jungle gym. This great vacation rental home is only 50 steps from the beach. Forget the expensive rental car. Tampa International Airport is 30 minutes away and the limo drops you at the door. Great seafood restaurant and a full marina are within two blocks. Rent this luxury private beach compound for $3,600 per week. Share the rent among four couples and it's a bargain at under $130 per couple per day.

Should you vacation in south Florida?

South Florida Is Hot

Stroll the sidewalks of Miami's trendy South Beach. Soak up the sun on the beach by day and chill out with hot nightlife when the sun goes down. Introduce the kids to the Mother Nature's wonders in Everglades National Park. Hop aboard a day cruise for a taste of the Caribbean. Talk to the precocious primates at Monkey Jungle or the sea life at the Miami Seaquarium. South Florida is also home to other glamorous vacation destinations like Naples and Marco Island to the west and Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, West Palm Beach and Boca Raton on the east coast.

Vacation rentals range from a cozy beachfront rental studio tucked between multi-million dollar high-rise hotels on right on Miami Beach to a six luxury bedroom home rental sleeping 12 guests. In-season rates run from $600 to $6000 per week. Save 30%-50% with off season rates

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