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Where can I ski in North Carolina?

Skiing in North Carolina

For those people who live on the east coast, Colorado could be too far away to take advantage of Colorado vacation rentals for skiing. For a place closer to home, people who live on the east coast can instead head to North Carolina.

For the best NC ski vacation rentals, look no further than the Appalachian Mountains. The skiing in the Appalachian Mountains is great and is perfect for any skill level.

When you book your stay in North Carolina, be sure to stay at a ski vacation rental. A ski vacation rental is obviously geared toward those people who wish to ski the North Carolinian mountains.

While the Appalachian Mountains draw the most skiers, there are a number of other skiing options. These options include Cataloochee, Hawksnest, Sapphire Valley, Scaly Mountain, Ski Beech and Sugar Mountain. No matter which ski area in North Carolina you pick, you will be able to find a ski vacation rental close by.

Avoid staying at a ski resort because you pay too much unnecessarily. It makes much more sense to rent directly from an owner of a vacation rental. By doing so, you cut out the middle man and get the best bang for you buck.

Where can I go for a great ski vacation?

Ski Vacations

Planning a ski vacation? Try Lake Louise in Canada, Heavenly in CA (where the 5th night free at some places), and Sun Valley, ID. A must try is Jackson Hole, WY.

Get more for your money! Make sure that you ask about special rates or events. And, consider vacation packages that offer ski and snowboarding for that memorable trip or weekend getaway for the best value.

Ideas for a great ski vacation?

Alps Luxury Ski Vacation

For a luxury ski vacation look in the heart of the Alps famous peaks (such as Eiger, Jungfrau, and Matterhorn). Ski areas have long runs, beautiful scenery, consistent snow and some relentless challenges. Additionally, you get the beauty of Swtizerland and the benefits of visiting a gorgeous European country!

Once the lifts have closed the fun is not over—the entertainment begins with top ski bars with rocking music, excellent shopping, and quality European cuisine! Don't call it a night, get the most out of your vacation and explore all that your switzerland vacation rental offers.

Where is there good cheap skiing?

Inexpensive Skiing Vacation

Looking for a cheap ski vacation? Try places like Copper Mountain, CO for around $277 which is complete with a fireplace and maid service. Still too high? How about Winter Park, CO for $120 with hot tub and microbrewery?

If you really want to pay the minimum and still get a nice ski vacation, try Sunday River, ME (about an hour and a half from Portland for $40 or $55 per night). This ski spot is great for beginners and to allows you to try your hand at tubing!

What about ski vacation rentals?

Ski Vacation Rentals

From New England to Nevada, cabins, condos, resorts, and villa rentals come in all shapes and forms. Try looking online to explore all of your options (there are so many available that there is no need to settle). If available, read reviews or renters' comments written about a rental before taking it on your self (this can save you a lot of trouble and disappointment).

Most accommodations for these and other snow or ski activities have all the amenities (full kitchens, spas, pools, hot tubs and more). Want a cheap ski vacation? Try discounting ski vacations rentals by directly contacting the owner.

Where can I find fun family skiing?

Family Ski Vacations

Everyone knows about Vermont's Stowe and Smugglers' Notch for great skiing. What about Jay Peak or Bolton, located 20 miles from Burlington and Montpelier?

If you want the best, note that it is Bromley that is making the news. Best known in regards to a wonderful family ski vacation area, they were voted #1 in North America by Ski magazine this year!

How do I stay safe while skiing?

Safety Tips When on a Ski Vacation

While skiing appears to be all fun and games, it can actually be quite dangerous – even for the most experienced of skiers. However, if you take the proper precautions, you can lower your chances of being hurt.

The first thing you should do is locate the nearest medical help. If something goes wrong, you want to have a plan of action of what to do. Whether it's a phone number or an address, you need a plan of what you would do in case of an emergency.

If you are staying at one of the many ski vacation rentals, you should know where the nearest hospital is located. While ski vacation rental homes give you added peace and quiet, you don't have the emergency medical attention on hand that is available at some hotels and resorts. However, for the record, emergency medical attention is available at some Colorado vacation rentals.

When you hit the slopes, you should only go on the slopes you are qualified to ski on. If you are a beginner, you definitely do not want to be going onto an advanced slope. Take your time learning how to ski and don't force your progress.

Only ski when the sun is out. Skiing at night or early in the morning can hurt your vision and your vision is vital when you ski. You should also avoid going at high speeds, even when you are an expert skiing. Unless it's a competition, there's no real reason to be going overly fast.

A final bit of advice is to ski with a group. If you head out skiing by yourself, no one can help you if they don't know if you are in trouble. Always try to at least take someone with you so that action can be taken if needed.

How do I plan a luxury winter vacation?

How to Plan a Luxurious Winter Vacation

If money is no object and you want to plan a luxurious winter vacation, perhaps the best destination in all of the United States is Aspen, Colorado. Aspen has awe-inspiring scenery, a great small town feel and some of the best skiing in the entire world.

When in Aspen, you can take advantage of the great Colorado vacation rentals available in the area. By getting a vacation rental, you can live lavishly as if you were at your own home. Luxury ski vacation rentals are popular throughout Colorado and especially in the Aspen area.

If you don't need an entire home to yourself, also consider ski vacation condo rentals. You can find very luxurious condos that are located in the hottest ski areas in all of the state.

After you have your lodging booked, you should look into day trips available in the area. Since Colorado has gorgeous mountains, you can get a better view by taking a chartered tour in a helicopter. Or if you are really brave, you can go up in a hot air balloon to get a better view.

With it being cold most of the year in Aspen, you should take advantage of the fine dining located in the city to heat you up. Although Aspen is relatively small, you can find luxury themed restaurants in and around the town.

Where can I learn to ski in Tahoe?

Beginner Ski Slopes in Tahoe

If you are new to skiing, you should consider learning how to ski in Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe has fantastic beginner slopes.

Your first step when traveling to Lake Tahoe is to find a place to stay. While a hotel would be decent, the best option is a Lake Tahoe ski vacation rental. Such a rental will put you right in the heart of the skiing action for a fraction of the cost that you would expect.

Lake Tahoe ski vacation rentals are also great for beginners because you won't have to travel far to hit the slopes. When you begin, there is a lot of stopping and starting. With that in mind, you always want to be close to where you stay so that you can continually practice.

While some may believe that Lake Tahoe doesn't have the spectacular skiing that can be found in Colorado, the beginner courses are arguably better. Additionally, you don't have to pay as much as you do for Colorado vacation rentals, which tend to be rather expensive. Instead you can stay at one of the Lake Tahoe ski resort vacation rentals until you master the art of skiing.

Quality beginner slopes in Lake Tahoe can be found at Squaw Valley, Diamond Peak and many other slopes in that area.

How can I save money on my ski vacation?

Saving Money on your Ski Vacation

When you are planning a ski vacation, perhaps the hardest thing to do is stick to your budget. There are so many costs that go into planning a ski vacation, it's easy to go overboard.

The first area in which you can save money is on lodging. Instead of wasting money at a hotel or a ski resort, instead look for ski area vacation rentals. At these rentals, you can save a large amount of money. Ski vacation rentals by owner not only save you money, they are very practical when you are on a ski vacation.

Another way to save money is to pick a location that isn't overly popular. For example, you will end up paying more for Colorado vacation rentals than you would for a vacation rental in Wyoming.

When skiing, you can save money by renting your ski equipment rather than buying it. At the ski slopes, you can usually find a place where you can get ski rental equipment.

Finally, pay attention to the time of year. Early in the winter and late in the winter tend to be less expensive than the weeks during the heart of winter. By moving your vacation forward or back a couple of weeks, you can save a good chunk of change.

What cities in Colorado have vacation rentals?

Cities in Colorado with Vacation Rentals

Colorado is a breathtaking state with a lot to offer. If you love skiing, you can enjoy some of the best skiing on earth. If you love the outdoors, you can go hiking, fishing, rafting, sightseeing and virtually anything else you can think of doing outdoors.

Over the last couple of decades, Colorado has really grown as a tourist destination. Now that it's one of the most popular destinations in the country, that has led to a number of Colorado vacation rentals becoming available. These vacation rentals are the best form of lodging available in the state. For example, the Colorado ski vacation rentals are hands down the best option for those looking for a place to stay when they hit the Coloradan slopes.

There are a number of cities that offer vacation rentals in the state of Colorado. If you want to hit the slopes, consider the cities of Durango, Telluride and Aspen. If you prefer big cities, look at either Denver or Boulder.

Other cities that with a large amount of available vacation rentals include Steamboat Springs, Winter Park, Silverthorne, Estes Park, Keystone, Breckenridge and Beaver Creek. However, virtually every in Colorado has vacation rental properties available.

Why would a non-skier choose a ski vacation?

Ski Resort Fun for Non-Skiers

Not everyone enjoys the exhilaration of flying down a ski slope. If the whole family or all of your friends dream of a ski vacation, take heart. The key to fun for a non-skier is choosing a ski vacation rental with non-skiing and in-door entertainment options.

  • Snow tubing is one of the latest rages at resorts. Instead of perching on a pair of skis, lower your center of gravity and whisk down the slope seated. Everyone can do lessons needed, no expensive equipment to purchase...just have fun!
  • Bundle up the gang for an old-fashioned sleigh ride complete with hot chocolate or hot buttered rum.
  • Just not the outdoor type? Opt for pampering at an area day spa, shop ‘til you drop at outlet malls, galleries and specialty boutiques.
  • Curl up by the fireplace with that novel you haven't been able to find the time to start. Make new friends in the ski lodge. There are always non-skiers hanging out and camaraderie makes for interesting conversations.
  • Many resorts offer culinary classes and wine tasting. For instance, some Vermont ski resorts offer maple sugaring classes, antiquing excursions and art classes. And, when everyone else comes off the slopes, you'll be rested and ready for a night on the town.

What can you do in the summer at a ski resort?

Summer Ski Vacation Rentals

Ski destinations aren't just for winter. Summer at ski destinations brings a bounty of activities and affordable off-season vacation rental rates. Check out these family favorites destinations for your summer vacation:

Sun Valley, Idaho is a premier winter ski destination, but summer provides plenty of nature to explore. Learn the intricacies of fly fishing or experience the thrill of rafting along the Salmon River . Hike flower filled mountain and valleys. Rollerblade along the Wood River Trail System. Recapture the gracious lifestyle and romance of bye-gone eras in a luxury chalet sleeping eight at 50% off ski-season rates. Breath-taking scenery is perfect for hiking, rock climbing, biking, golf, tennis, fishing, rafting, horseback riding, year-round ice skating including performances by Olympic and World Champions, shopping, fine dining, live theater, and more.

Telluride, Vail and Aspen are known for serious winter skiing in Colorado, but summer brings a different kind of family fun. The surrounding peaks are ideal for hiking and biking and summer festivals and special events provide entertainment for all ages. Summer is the perfect time to reconnaissance potential winter ski destinations. Save 50% or more on Colorado vacation home rentals. Enjoy the outdoors and special events and check out area resort ski packages, lessons and accommodations for a winter ski vacation.

What are some good ski vacation rentals locations in Canada?

Canadian Ski Vacation Rentals

Canada is a skier's Mecca and ski vacation rentals are as diverse as ski venues. Choose your experience from beginners and family skiing, to challenges best suited for experts. In Alberta, Banff National Park is home to the Banff /Lake Louise/Sunshine Village ski area. The park is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is no wonder that the area is consistently rated by major ski magazines as having some of best scenery in North America. Nearby, Canmore is known for some of the best cross-country skiing and the wildest skiing in Canada. Jaspar/Marmot Basin offers 84 named trails for downhill skiing. The terrain is designated 30% for beginners, 30% intermediate and 40% expert.

In British Columbia , Whistler/Blackcomb's majestic mountain scenery and spectacular array of ski and non-ski activities draw visitors from around the world. Whistler/Blackcomb offers over 8,000 acres of terrain with more than 200 marked trails. The resort is known for a top-notch ski school with group and private lessons for all skill levels, including specialty classes for disabled skiers. Looking for high adventure and rugged skiing? Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in the Purcell Range of the Canadian Rockies (two and a half hours west of Calgary ) is surrounded by six national parks and offers some of the exciting and challenging skiing in North America .

What are some good ski destinations in Europe.

European Ski Vacation Rentals

For a luxury ski vacation look at famous Alps peaks like: Eiger, Jungfrau and Matterhorn. Switzerland vacation rentals offer the advantages of skiing long, scenic runs combined with snowshoeing, snowboarding, dog sledding, tobogganing, ice climbing, and horse-drawn sleigh rides. Take advantage of winter discounted airfares and treat the whole family to an Alpine ski vacation at a ski-in and ski-out fully-equipped Swiss Ski Lodge.

Ski Austria . An Austria vacation rental offers magnificent mountains, music, arts and architecture and a thriving nightlife. Reserve a breathtaking view with your Austria vacation rental in Innsbruck, combining Old World charm with modern day skiing for all levels of ski enthusiasts. Ski with the rich and famous at one of the most famous ski resorts in the world, Mont-Blanc.

Ski Italy. The Aosta Valley contains the most mountains in all of Italy. Hop abroad a train and extend your ski vacation to Tuscany wine country, see the glories of Rome and Florence or fall in love with Venice .

How's skiing in Utah?

Ski Utah Vacation Rentals

Within 60 miles of the Salt Lake City International Airport, 11 world-class ski resorts offer a not-to-be-missed ski experience. With over 152 flights arriving in Salt Lake City before , you can fly in the morning and be on the slopes by afternoon. Alta, Solitude and Brighton are all within half an hour of Salt Lake City and offer uncrowded skiing for the whole family. Snowbird's famous tram whisks 125 skiers to the top of Hidden Peak in six minutes. It is also the location of the first ski tunnel in North America . Book a vacation ski rental in a luxury three-bedroom condo in Salt Lake City for as low as $1,000 for a week. Save even more with a Salt Lake Super Pass with discount skiing at multiple resorts. The Pass can be loaded with one to six days of skiing and redeemed for an all-day lift ticket at Alta, Brighton , Snowbird or Solitude. It also includes round-trip transportation on UTA city buses, ski resort buses and TRAX light-rail. Park City is just 35 minutes from the Salt Lake City Airport and is home to three more world-class resorts: Deer Valley , The Canyons and Park City Mountain Resort. And when you have your fill of the action on the slopes, explore the history and charm of this silver mining community. From ski-in, ski-out luxury condominiums to cozy cabins for two to chalets for ten or more, Park City offers all the comforts of home and more in ski vacation rental choices.

What are some tips on Colorado ski vacation rentals?

Colorado Ski Vacation Rentals

Colorado offers some of the best ski resorts in North America and plenty of choices for skiers of all levels. Colorado is home to high profile ski destinations like Aspen, Breckenridge and Vail.

Aspen Snowmass is actually four resorts in one - Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk. Each mountain has advantages. For instance: Buttermilk is geared towards beginner and intermediate skiers with wide-open trails while Aspen Highlands is the extreme skiers dream. Vacation home rentals range from an affordable cozy studio for two across from the gondola in the heart of town for as low as $450 per week to living like the rich and famous in a grand estate featuring five or more bedrooms and loads of amenities for $25,000 per week.

Breckenridge has a lot of terrain for beginners to pros and plenty to do on and off the slopes. It is also part of the Vail Resorts 5 mountain season pass that allows locals to ski at five resorts for the season for $369 (Unlimited skiing at A-Basin, Keystone, Breckenridge and 10 days at Vail/Beaver Creek).

Vail offers a complete ski experience on and off the slopes. As the “grand daddy of Colorado ski resorts,” Vail is consistently named one of the top resorts in the U.S. Picture a ski-in, ski-out luxury vacation rental three-bedroom condo (sleeping nine) with all the first-class amenities for a perfect ski vacation. Travelers considering a Colorado vacation rental should also take a look at these somewhat less acclaimed, affordable and often less crowded ski resorts: Arapohoe Basin , Arrowhead Ski Area, Beaver Creek, Berthoud Pass , Copper Mountain , Crested Butte, Durango Mountain Keystone, Loveland , Monarch, Powderhorn, Sunlight, Telluride and Winter Park .

What should you look for when choosing ski lessons?

Tips on Ski Lessons

Ski lessons are a necessity for first-time skiers. Professional ski lessons teach the basics and vital safety guidelines. Research ski lessons online before booking a ski vacation home rental. Some destinations offer more ski school options than others. The Internet is great for research, but when it comes to ski lessons, call the resorts you are considering and ask these questions:

  • Are lessons private or group lessons? Most ski resorts offer both private and group lessons. If you are comfortable learning with others, group lessons cost less and are fun, especially for children. Ask about class sizes. It is hard to get any personal attention in classes with over six students.
  • What is included with the lessons? Do they include ski equipment and lift tickets?
  • Are instructors certified? Look for instructors who specialize in working with children.
  • Can classes be booked in advance? Ski lessons at popular resorts fill up fast.

How can you save money on a ski vacation rental?

Saving Money on a Ski Vacation

If money is no object when it comes to ski vacations, skip this topic; however, if you want the best experience for the best price, read on for ways to save on and off the slopes.

Choose a low-profile ski destination. If you have your heart on skiing with the rich and famous in a high-profile, upscale resorts like Aspen, St. Moritz or Mont-Blanc offer the height of luxury with a price to match. On the other hand, Copper Mountain and Winter Park are Colorado ski vacation rental locations where you can experience top-notch skiing at a reasonable price. In the northeast, check out ski resorts and vacation rentals in Maine, upstate New York and Vermont.

Rent ski gear. If this is your first ski trip and you are not sure skiing is for you and your family, rent ski equipment. Research rentals online at your ski destination to avoid having to juggle the logistics of travel with ski gear. (Note: Renting ski gear for young children is always smart move. They almost always outgrow last year's gear before the next ski trip.) Spend a few dollars more for the latest equipment; it's safer and easier to use. Take out damage insurance for adult and kid's gear…just in case something goes awry. If you must have your own gear, look at secondhand gear from a reputable sports equipment retailers.

Book accommodations at a ski vacation home rather than a pricey resort. A vacation rental cabin, chalet or condo is ideal for a family or group of friends. No sharing a single room. No waiting for the bathroom. Two families or a group of friends sharing the cost of a ski vacation home average saving 30% or more on accommodations alone. A day on the slopes builds big appetites. Save more by stocking up on snacks at a local grocery and preparing your own meals in a fully-equipped kitchen. Picture the fun of gathering around the cozy fireplace to rehash the day and plan tomorrow or soaking away aches and pains in a steamy hot tub under the starlit sky.

Avoid high demand ski times. Plan your ski vacation rental for off-peak times at the beginning or end of the ski season for discounted prices. Ski mid-week for discounted lessons and lift tickets. Check for online lift ticket specials. Multi-day sky lift tickets are less than purchasing on a daily basis. Search Convention and Visitors Centers at your destination for online local discounts and promotions.

How can you find a ski vacation rental that fits your needs?

Researching Ski Vacation Rentals

The newsstands are filled with ski and outdoor publications like Ski Magazine and Skiing that are packed with information about various types of resorts for skiers, where to dine, what to do off the slopes and tips from the pros. There are also numerous books on skiing. For starters, check out The Best Family Ski Vacations in North America , Fodor's Skiing USA and 100 Best Ski Resorts of the World. The Internet is also a great resource for researching potential ski destinations and ski vacation rentals. Narrow your search with phrases that incorporate your personal interests such as: “ Colorado vacation rentals” or “best family ski vacation destinations.” Finally, ask around. Veteran ski enthusiasts live for ski season. They've been-there, done-that and are happy to share their experiences. Enter search words “ski resort reviews” for hundreds of reviews on major online travel agency sites like: Travelocity, Travelzoo and Sidestep.

What things should be considered in choosing a ski vacation rental destinaltion?

Choosing a Ski Vacation Rental Destination

No two ski destinations are the same. Consider these factors when researching potential ski vacation rental destinations:

  • Resort Demographics: Some ski resorts are family-oriented; others cater to singles and couples-only. Some ski destinations offer a bounty of attractions and activities off the slopes; others are all about the ski experience. Check the stats on current weather and ski slope conditions. It's no secret that ski resorts are cold. However, some mountains are colder than others and some slopes require more endurance to rugged elements.
  • Personal Ski Levels: Some ski resorts are not suitable for beginners; others are not challenging enough for expert skiers. If your ski group is mixed, opt for ski resorts that offer opportunities for all skill levels.
  • Your Travel Budget: Like golf, skiing is not a “poor man's sport.” That said, ski vacations run the gamut from luxury to affordable. Top-of-the-line ski equipment and the trendiest togs don't come cheap, but there are ways to look the part without breaking your budget.
The best ski destination is one that matches your personal needs, expectations and budget. Continue on for more information on using these factors to plan the perfect ski vacation.

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