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What is desert golfing experience like?

Desert Golf Vacations

Desert golf destinations (including Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and Palm Springs) can be spectacular. In these areas lay many desert golf vacation rentals to make golfing an experience. The moment you arrive the golf resort's goal is to make you feel like a part of an exclusive society.

There is great staffing, exceptional clubhouses, and first-rate courses with breathtaking views! Oh, and most courses have their own rules for golf carts but a rule of thumb is - only drive the golf cart on designated cart paths. Never take a cart within 30 yards of the putting green, or within 15 yards of fairway bunkers or water hazards! And, for heavens sake, watch out that the trees don't jump in front of you!

What are som places for a golf vacation?

Golf Vacations

Golf discount trips are available in places like Arizona, Florida, California, Nevada, and Maryland. Create packages using the web while exploring more than 30 golf resorts in US, Canada, and Mexico. Include lodgings, golf course guides, prices and even scorecards. Everything is at your fingertips to make planning your golf vacations a piece of cake!

Confused about scoring in golf? Don't be, it's simple—golf scoring is really straightforward. Every time you take a wallop at that wee white ball, it's a stroke and every stroke counts a point. At the end of each hole, add up your strokes for that hole and write it down. At the end of the round, add up the strokes for each hole and voila! There you have it.

Where is there a great california golf rental?

Ultimate California Golf Rental

For the ultimate golf nut a California golf rental vacation is to die for! Look into a furnished condominium located in the private, guarded Monterey Country Club in Palm Desert, California.

From your rental in Monterey Country Club, you can step off the patio onto an 18-hole private golf course, or into the pool and hot tub. There is close shopping and nightlife. Rates are typically $150 to $250 per day.

When you do go to play golf, plan on about four hours for 18 holes. Of course, the actual time depends on how busy the course is, how much you talk, how many people are playing, and, of course, how many strokes everyone takes. Watch those beautiful ponds!

What about golfing in Spain?

Spanish Golfing

Baviera Golf course in La Caleta on the Costa del Sol is perfect. It is away from the hectic tourist areas (such as Marbella) while still offering beaches, bars, great food, and over 30 golf courses within a 45 minutes drive.

Costs for a golf vacation rental range from 65 euros to 101.39 (depending upon time of year). And, while your playing all these different golf courses, remember your golf etiquette. Mind your manners!

*Golf etiquette rules are designed to keep golf enjoyable and golfers moving (preventing the rounds from becoming incessantly lengthy!). Bottom line – play nice now!

Are there tips on how to travel with golf gear?

Traveling with Your Golf Gear

Most golfers prefer to play with their own golf clubs. However, a group traveling to a golf vacation rental with full golf gear may pose problems. Clubs are bulky and heavy and they may exceed airline weight limits and incur over-weight baggage fees. Even on a driving vacation, four golfers traveling by car with four sets of clubs requires a van or large SUV. Use these tips to facilitate traveling with your golf gear:

  • Protect clubs with a study golf bag and purchase a shipping box to prevent possible damage to your golf bag through baggage handling.
  • Conserve space by storing all your golf accessories in your golf bag.
  • Consider shipping your golf gear ahead of time to your destination.
  • Don't assume your golf gear is covered by your homeowner's insurance. Check your policy coverage and deductibles. If your clubs are top-of-the-line expensive, you may need to take out an additional policy endorsement (rider) covering loss or damage.
  • Keep all sales receipts for your golf bag, clubs and accessories. If gear is lost, the airlines or your insurance company will require proof of value and replacement is subject to limitations.
  • At your destination, always store golf gear inside your golf vacation rental rather than leaving gear subject to easy theft in the car overnight.
  • Consider bringing limited golf gear, such as your favorite putter, and renting additional gear.
Go forth, bag that birdie and enjoy your golf vacation rentals!

Are there golf vacations for the whole family?

Family Golf Vacations

Golf getaways and vacations offer wonderful bonding opportunities for the whole family. When you tee of with a tot or teen, you automatically have a leisurely sports experience with time for conversation away from demanding jobs and hectic school activities. Involve the family in planning a golf vacation. Research family-friendly golf courses, golf schools and clinics.

The Family Golf Association (FGA) is dedicated to promoting golf as a family activity. For instance, FGA-member courses eliminate greens fees and cart fees for juniors when they're accompanied by a paying adult, establish family tee times and family guest fees. Golf vacation rentals offer many advantages for a family stay and play vacation. After days together on the links, you don't have to return to a night in a cramped hotel room. With a three or four bed villa or vacation home, everyone has their own bedroom and privacy to rest up for tomorrow's rounds. No waiting for the bathroom. The kitchen is always open for a snack. Relaxing in the swimming pool while Dad grills burgers beats standing in line for restaurant reservations.

A quick online search for “family friendly golf courses” and “family golf clinics” turns up great family golf getaway destinations around the world. For instance, the Orlando and Kissimmee area abound with family-friendly golf vacation rentals and it's easy to combine green time and Disney theme park visits.

How about some information on golf getaways for women?

Golf Getaways for the Girls

Once upon a time golf was a guy's game…a traditional male domain. Move over guys; times have changed. According to Sven Kessler, VP of Retail Sales for Edwin Watts Golf, the largest privately-held golf company in the world, “Four out of every 10 new golfers are woman.”

The Champions Course, designed by Rees Jones, in Dayton Beach was the first golf course in history designed for professional women golfers and has been named “America 's Best Women Friendly Golf Course.” Throughout the world, there are golf courses that cater to women players and golf vacations are becoming a popular girlfriends' getaway. Couples golf is also becoming a norm rather than a rarity.

A typical “Golf Getaway for the Girls” goes like this: Four girlfriends leave the guys at home and escape for three nights in a luxury golf vacation rental home in northwest Atlanta. The gourmet kitchen is perfect for opening a couple of bottles of wine and sharing secrets while whipping up a delicious dinner. The next morning, a golf clinic hones putting skills followed by a round of golf at nearby Legacy Golf Course or Fox Creek. Day three is a morning of pampering at an Atlanta day spa followed by a champagne brunch and serious shopping Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza. There's also a star-studded night at the famous Fox Theater. Finally, the ladies end the weekend with a final round of golf. Find out more about women's golf schools, tournaments and play opportunities online at Play Golf America or the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA).

How can you combine romance and golf?

Romantic Golf Getaways for Couples

Although romance is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when planning a golf getaway, perhaps it's time to think again. Re-kindle romance with a couple's golf getaway; playing and staying together in a romantic setting. If both partners golf, it's easy to mix tee times with other activities. Here's a tempting sample:

Spend a long weekend at a golf vacation rental in Cabo San Lucas. Casa Bella Condominiums combines luxurious and romantic beachfront living with world-class golf. Terrace views overlook the sparkling Sea of Cortez and the eighth hole of the famous Jack Nicklaus Ocean Course, ranked as one of the top 100 courses in the world. Resort management arranges tee times and discounts at other nearby championship golf courses. Follow a day of golf with a candlelight alfresco dinner for two caressed by warm sea breezes under a starry sky. Other destination for romantic golf rental vacations include: Scotland, Tuscany, U.S. Virgin Islands, Las Vegas, Hawaii and Florida.

And a few more ideas for golf and romance:

  • If a partner is a non-golfer, be sure to include surprise treats, such as a day of pampering at a spa or shopping spree, while you are on the links.
  • Hire a personal chef for romantic in-suite, pool-side or on the beach.
  • Surprise your partner with theater tickets and a dinner for two at the most romantic restaurant in town.
  • Marry him or her again. Re-new your wedding vows on scenic links at sunrise or sunset.
  • Putt and propose on the 18th hole followed by a private champagne celebration. Who says golf isn't romantic?

Can you book tee times online?

Book Tee Times Early

After settling on a destination and booking your golf vacation rental, it's time to score tee times. Don't wait until arrival at your destination and hope for the best. Tee times at most golf courses can be booked 90 to 180 days in advance. Call the courses you want to play and talk to the head pro. Friendly and appreciative trumps demanding when it comes to getting preferential treatment. Explain that your golf group will be vacationing nearby and that you look forward to playing one or more rounds on their course. Follow up with: “What can you do for us?”

Booking online is also a good way to grab tee times at a discount. Do an Internet search using the name of the golf course. Discount play and tee times can also be booked through special golf booking Internet sites. Begin your search with the phrase “online golf tee times and discounts” for dozens of booking resources.

Tip: Confirm all tee times booked online or by telephone a few days prior to play.

How can you save money on golf vacations?

Save Money on Golf Getaways

There's a common perception that “golf is not a poor man's game.” True, a round of golf can easily cost several hundred dollars at a private club. Unlike purchasing a soccer ball or baseball bat, Golf clubs and accessories are expensive. However, there are ways to save money on a golf vacation:

• Choose a golf vacation rental rather than a resort. Vacation home rentals almost always work out to less per day than a golf resort hotel. Combine accommodation costs with the benefits of full-equipped kitchen and outdoor grilling and save more dollars on dining.

• Book your getaway for the shoulder or off-season at your golf destination. Vacation rental rates average 30% less off-season. Golf courses are not as busy and most offer reduced green fees.

• The Golf Digest Passbook membership card is a premier golf savings program offering 20-50% discounts at 2,500 courses, learning centers, golf tournaments and on golf products. Regional golf publications often have discounted or two-for-one coupons. Finally, check directly with local courses for special early morning or weekday discounts.

How should you choose a golf vacation rental location?

Think Location

Real estate professionals say the three most important words are “location, location, location.” The same three words apply to a golf vacation rentals. Another advantage of a golf vacation rental is the ability to choose a convenient location for your stay. A hotel or resort golf package is usually based on playing on-site greens. Other area courses may be an hour or more away. When staying at a golf destination with multiple courses, save travel time between courses by choosing a golf vacation home in a central location.

For instance, there are over 350 golf courses in Arizona and over half of these courses are in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area. Choose a centrally located vacation home for a week's vacation and it's easy to play a different course every day or one course in the morning and another in the afternoon without traveling great distances. There are also plenty of entertainment options for non-golfers and after-golf hours.

Why are golf vacation rentals a smart choice?

Golf Vacation Rentals Are a Smart Choice

Golf vacation packages are endless online and through travel providers and resorts. Typical packages include: accommodations based on double occupancy and one round of play on specified courses each day. While golf package prices may seem competitive, there is little flexibility. If deviations are allowed they add significant increases to the package price.

Rather than restricting your options, golf vacation rentals offer the least expensive way to play with virtually unlimited play and stay options.

Picture this: Four golf buddies rent a beautiful golf vacation rental right on the greens. They hit the grocery and stock up on essentials for breakfast, sandwich making, grilling out and stocking the bar. A fully-stocked kitchen saves travel dollars that can be used for more rounds at more courses. A four bedroom villa offers the privacy of no shared bedrooms. Then, there's the camaraderie factor. Instead of sitting around a crowded bar, they gather around the pool to grill steaks and rehash the day. What a great way to go!

The same benefits apply to family vacation accommodations. Whether the golf vacation rental choice is a home or a condominium, no one has to share a bed. There's no waiting for the bathroom; no competition for a single TV. While Dad or Mom golf, the gang can go sightseeing, shopping or swim in their own swimming pool. Many vacation home rentals also offer game rooms and exercise rooms.

Begin your search online. If you prefer a private home or condominium, Google a search phrases like “golf vacation condominium rentals” or “golf vacation home rentals.”

What resources can you use to choose a golf destination?

Choosing a Golf Vacation Destination

Golf-a-holics recommend choosing a vacation destination based on how many courses are within easy access. A little research helps pick the best location for your games. Some good resources for researching golf opportunities are: Golf Digest, Golf & Travel, and Leisure Golf Magazine. Websites for golf organizations like United States Golf Association (USGA) and International Golf Federation (IGF) also provide golf destination inspiration. Of course, word of mouth is an important source for recommendations. Avid golfers love to talk about where they have played and share pleasure and pitfalls of golf destinations and courses.

There is no shortage of worldwide golf destinations. According to Mintel International Group, a Chicago market research firm, there are over 32,000 golf courses worldwide and more open every year. Internationally, according to Golf Digest (at the end of 2005), the countries with the most golf courses were: the United States, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Wales, Sweden and England. The United States boasts over 17,000 courses and Florida tops the leader board with over 1,300 courses. Other leading U. S. golf destination states include: Arizona, California and Hawaii. Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach are also golf favorites.

Where in the world do you want to play? Once you choose your dream golf destination, it's time to get serious about travel logistics.

How can you match a golf getaway to your personal golf preferences?

Things to Consider in Planning a Golf Getaway

If golf is your game, golf vacation rentals will fit you to a tee. Some golfers dream of playing in the footprints of famous golfers like Tiger Woods on award-winning golf courses. Some golfers like to escape winter doldrums with a leisurely golf getaway in the tropics. For really serious golfers, the more challenging a course, the better. Bring on the hazards, tricky shots and elements like wind, rain, sleet or even snow. Since golf personalities run the gamut, here are some initial questions to consider in matching a golf vacation to your personal preferences:

  • What do you consider the “perfect” golf vacation? Serious golf, leisurely play or a mix-and-match of golf and non-golf activities?
  • How long can you spend on your golf getaway? If time is limited to a few days, stay close to home and limit travel time.
  • Do you want to play a different course each day? Choose a destination with multiple courses within a 30 minute drive.
  • How healthy is your golf budget? Play at private courses is pricey. Look for public greens and discounts.
  • Will you be bringing along the family or other non-golfers? Look for fun activities to fill the hours while you are on the greens.
With the answers to these questions in mind, continue on for some tips on making the most of any golf vacation.

what does myrtle beach have to offer?

Golfing at Myrtle Beach

Conditions are perfect for golf in Myrtle Beach! You can enjoy smooth greens, rolling fairways, white sand, and blue water. And, would you believe that there is “night golf” (which Tupelo Bay Executive Golf Course offers)?

For a Myrtle Beach vacation rental try The Courtyard by Marriott or, a little further down the 17 Bypass, the Comfort Suites offering quieter settings and a whirlpool suite option!

Just so you know, you do not have to invest in golf shoes to play golf! Very few golf courses require the use of golf shoes anymore. However, if so inclined, golf shoes are a good idea because they are designed to keep your feet from sliding around during that all important golf swing! Fore!

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