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When should I visit the Caribbean?

When to Visit the Islands in the Caribbean

It's never a bad time to visit the islands of the Caribbean. No matter what time of year it is, there are Caribbean beach rentals occupied throughout this area of the world. However, depending on your preferences, you may want to avoid some times of year.

If you don't like crowds, the winter months is the time of year to avoid the Caribbean. With so many people coming to the Caribbean to flee from cold weather, the islands of the Caribbean become flooded with a huge influx of visitors. Due to the number of visitors, the prices of vacation rentals also tend to increase in these months.

The months in which the Caribbean has the lowest amount of visitors are August, September, October and November. Despite the lower number of people, there are still many festivals and other planned parties taking place so that there is still plenty to do in these off months. Many people find that Caribbean condo rentals are priced best during the months of October and November.

Another consideration to take into account is tropical storms. With hurricanes a threat to the Caribbean, you should check the extended forecast to make sure you won't run into a big tropical storms during your vacation stay.

Why should I choose to go to the Domincan Republic?

Visiting the Dominican Republic

Located on the island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic is hugely popular vacation option for visitors from all around the world. While the country of Haiti is also located on the island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic is much more popular with travelers and thusly has many more vacation rentals.

In fact, the Dominican Republic has a long history of being popular. With a history that traces back more than 500 years, the Dominican Republic was home to the first European settlement in the Americas. The capital city of Santo Domingo was once upon a time the most important city in all of the Americas.

When you visit the Dominican Republic, the first thing you will notice is the amazing beaches. The beaches of the Dominican Republic have been voted as some of the top beaches in the world. Caribbean vacation home rentals are very popular along the beaches. These Caribbean rentals are very competitively priced compared to the rental prices of similar homes in other parts of the Caribbean.

Outside of the beaches, you can take in much of the history that makes this country so unique. The Dominican Republic is filled with cathedrals, fortresses and other buildings that date back hundreds and hundreds of years. If you are a fan of baseball, you can watch the nearly year round baseball games that take place on the island. Dominican baseball is arguably the highest level of baseball found anywhere outside of the United States.

What are the popular destinations in the Caribbean?

Popular Locations for Caribbean Vacation Rentals

Do you want to go on the vacation of your dreams? If so, staying in one of the Caribbean vacation rentals on a beautiful island could be what you are seeking. Each Caribbean vacation rental offers its own unique vintage point of this truly unique part of the world.

With Caribbean vacation rental homes in virtually every nook and cranny of the Caribbean, you will have no problem finding vacation rentals in Caribbean.

If you want to stay in the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean, Jamaica is the answer. Millions upon millions venture to Jamaica to take in the country's beautiful scenery and take advantage of the unmatchable nightlife the country has to offer.

Another popular destination in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has dozens of vacation rentals, from beachfront property to rentals within the big cities.

The Dominican Republic has millions of local residents and attracts a huge amount of tourists each year. Whether you want to see their world class beaches or take in a world class baseball game, you can do so in the country of the Dominican Republic.

Another popular location in the Caribbean is the U.S. Virgin Islands. The three main islands in the U.S. Virgin Islands are St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. Each has a vast amount of vacation rental properties.

How can I choose a Caribbean destination?

How to Select your Caribbean Destination

The Caribbean is a vacationer's paradise. People from all around the world come to the Caribbean for a relaxing yet exciting vacation. No matter what it is that interests you, the Caribbean offers everything you could want.

Vacation rentals in the Caribbean are plentiful. On virtually every island on the Caribbean, you can find a number of lodging options. Whether you are interested in one of the many Caribbean vacation homes or a Caribbean villa rental, you will have many to choose from.

Before you start looking at Caribbean vacation rentals, the first thing you need to do is pick where in the Caribbean you want to stay. If you want to be alongside many other vacationers, you should pick a popular destination such as Jamaica or Puerto Rico. If you would rather enjoy peace and quiet, consider a less popular destination such as St. Barthelemy or Bonaire.

Price is also usually a major consideration for those going on vacation. From destination to destination in the Caribbean, the prices tend to be vastly different. Be sure to take price into consideration when making your decision.

Once you have found a destination that fits all your needs and has a price tag you are comfortable with, you can then find the Caribbean vacation rental of your dreams in your chosen destination!

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