What to Expect in Cape Cod Rental Rates

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Are Rentals on Cape Cod Expensive?

What to Expect in Cape Cod Rental Rates

There are literally hundreds of Cape Cod vacation rentals; so finding the right property for your budget should not be a problem. Before beginning your search for the perfect property, determine how much you want to spend for a weekend or a week's stay.

For instance, a beautiful waterfront getaway on Mill Pond in Chatham features three bedrooms, two baths and comes with use of a canoe and paddle boat for fun on the water. Weekly rental rates range from $3,500 per week in the summer to $1,700 in the early fall. In Brewster, an ocean edge resort condo with two bedrooms and two baths and all the comforts of home and more rents for as low as $1,400 per week.

Note: Multi-bedroom homes and condos make it easy to share travel costs with family or friends. Also, if your travel schedule is flexible, you can save travel dollars by renting during the "shoulder" season in late spring or early fall. Cuddle up by the fireplace during chilly nights and enjoy temperate days on Cape Cod beaches.



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