It's Easy to Fall in Love with Cape Cod.

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Why Choose a Cape Cod Vacation Rental?

It's Easy to Fall in Love with Cape Cod.

Cape Cod is a scenic peninsula on the coast of Massachusetts. It is connected to the mainland by two highway bridges across the Cape Cod Canal. There is also ferry service between Provincetown - a city on the tip of Cape Cod - and Boston.

Cape Cod is made up of four distinctive sections. The Upper Cape is the section closest to the mainland. The Mid-Cape area is home of Falmouth, known for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and other research groups. The Lower Cape is the most northern and narrow part of the Cape. The Outer Cape is the outermost part and is known for beautiful beaches like Nauset Light Beach in Eastham. In addition to well-known towns like: Falmouth, Chatham and Eastham.

Whether you are looking for the perfect destination for a family reunion, a guys' golf outing, a girlfriends' getaway or a romantic retreat, there is a Cape Cod vacation rental to match your taste and budget. Picture a five bedroom fine home on the beach-front. Imagine an evening by the fire in a romantic bungalow for two. Like upscale accommodations? Check into a luxurious condominium packed with perks. Stay for the weekend, a week, a month or the season and discover how easy it is in the words of Patti Page to "Fall in Love with Old Cape Cod."



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