Best Time to Vacation in Cape Cod

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When is the Best Season to Visit Cape Cod?

Best Time to Vacation in Cape Cod

For many visitors Cape Cod is a year-round destination. Each season holds special delights nd activities. Summer season is considered the high season. Vacation rental rates are the highest and the beaches are crowded as vacationers seek to escape the heat of the city. Fall season is longer than most of New England. Accommodation rates drop shortly after Labor Day. Ocean waters cool down slowly and days are temperate allowing visitors to enjoy the beaches well into November. Winter in Cape Cod tends to be somewhat milder than inland. Spring comes slowly to the Cape with chilly nights and frequent fog. Off-season rates make travel to Cape Cod during the fall, winter and spring a bargain.

Note: Always check the weather when planning any vacation. Dressing appropriately for the local climate makes travel more pleasurable. In Cape Cod, even summer evenings may turn chilly and a light jacket or wrap is necessary. In winter, think layers rather than bulk and a winter beach walk followed by a warm drink in front of a cozy fire is the perfect combination of exhilaration and relaxation.



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