California Houseboat Vacation Rental

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Any ideas for a california vacation rental houseboat?

California Houseboat Vacation Rental

*Why settle for a stationary vacation rental? Get a rental that you can set sail in!

Moccasin Point Marina on Lake Don Pedro is located in a canyon between Tuolumne River and Sierra, Nevada. Here, you can gain access to your very own California vacation rental houseboat with variety of styles and luxury features! Search for a secluded cove to make a home base for your houseboat and then relax and enjoy the lake activities of fishing, swimming and skiing on glassy blue water.

If the motion of the ocean isn't settling right with your tummy, however, steer clear of the middle of the boat (this is where the most rocking occurs—and the worst place to go). Head to the sides or very back of the boat, instead. Don't think about the boat, look out and enjoy the view. Find one spot out in the distance (where the water meets the sky works well) and concentrate on that one area. You'll feel better in no time.



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