California Vacations Suggestion

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California beach vacations?

California Vacations Suggestion

California dreaming? Wake up and make it a reality! There is nothing like lying on warm sand and taking in the rolling ocean waves in front of your own beach rental. Head to California and enjoy ocean side camping, luxury villas, boats to sail away in, luscious green golf courses, and all-day shopping trips. Hop on this wave and hang ten!
If you should happen to get sucked into the undertow of one of these waves, however, DON'T PANIC:

• If you panic and flail about you will waste strength that you need to survive, stay calm
• React to the situation immediately—time is of the essence
• DO NOT swim forwards or backwards
• Try to swim parallel to the shoreline (even if you feel that you can't, keep trying) this will take you out of the undertow and into the current which will wash you to shore



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