The History of the Carolinas

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What are the Carolinas all about?

The History of the Carolinas

When people speak about visiting the Carolinas, the term “Carolinas” is in reference the combined areas of North and South Carolina. During the colonial period, this area was known as the Province of Carolina until 1710.

While both North and South Carolina are considered part of the south, there are a lot of modern day differences between the two states. In fact, residents of the two states aren't found of being referred to simply as “Carolinians”. The origin of this resent could be traced back to the civil war, when South Carolina was much more involved with the Confederacy than their northern counterparts in North Carolina.

Due to the vast culture and highly educated people in the area, the Carolinas are home to some of the biggest companies in the United States. For example, Pepsi-Cola and Krispy Kreme both have roots in the Carolinas.

When visiting the Carolinas, there are a number of different places you can choose to visit. North Carolina vacation rentals are most famous for their mountainous surroundings, while South Carolina vacation rentals are famous for being mostly beachfront properties.

North Carolina vacation home rentals do tend to be a bit more expensive, but that is highly dependent on the time of year. No matter which of the two states you select, you are sure to be impressed by your stay in one of the Carolina vacation rentals and the adjacent scenery.



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