Protect Your Caribbean Travel Investment

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Should You Purchase Travel Insurance for Caribbean Travel?

Protect Your Caribbean Travel Investment

When was the last time you knew in advance that you or traveling companions would get sick or that a storm would close the airport and stop all travel? Travel is expensive and it pays to spend a few dollars more to protect your travel investment. Research insurance you already have. Many seniors are unaware that Medicare does not provide coverage outside the United States, including the Caribbean. If your personal health insurance does cover you, call customer service or visit their website out-of-area and international claims procedures. According to U.S. Department of State health and safety information, medical care in much of the Caribbean is limited and medical evacuations cost $35,000 or more on average. It's critical to know what insurance protection you do and do not have. A comprehensive travel policy covers both medical and trip cancellation/interruption events. The cost of travel insurance varies with the coverage provided. Least expensive is not the only criteria you should use to select a policy. Policies are priced by type of coverage, length of trip, cost of trip, and sometimes travelers' ages. Average cost of comprehensive travel insurance is approximately $65.00 per $1000 of the trip cost. Compare travel insurance policy terms and rates at



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