Winter Driving Tips & Suggestions

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How to get around in North Carolina in the winter?

Winter Driving Tips & Suggestions

Are you planning your NC cabin rental stay for late fall or early winter? Maybe you're just looking to get away for some quality snuggle time with the spouse near the Blue Ridge Mountains or maybe you're looking for some snowy fun on the slopes, be sure to plan ahead for bad weather. You can always check with the National Weather Service as well as call ahead to your cabin rentals coordinator. In some areas, inclement weather can be more than ice and rain; it can be snow and lots of it. An NC cabin rental in a snowy winter may sound like a dream come true, but be prepared for traveling and getting around in winter weather.

Driving in the Winter Weather:

If you own a 4x4 or All-Wheel Drive, bring it!

Watch for shady areas, bridges and overpasses since these places are often the first to freeze as the temperature drops. Reduce speed, use windshield wipers, and turn on the low beam headlights, and your fog lights.

Reduce speed by more than half for packed snow and slow to a crawl on ice. Use 2nd Gear instead of Drive at speeds below 30 m.p.h.

Drive with your headlights on. All North Carolina motorists are required by law to use headlights whenever they are using their windshield wipers.

Don't pump anti-lock brakes. The safe way to stop is to 'stomp and steer.'

If you start to skid, don't panic! Turn the steering wheel in the direction of the skid.

  • If you get stuck in snow, straighten the wheels and accelerate slowly. Avoid spinning the wheels. Put coarse sand under the drive wheels.



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