Boating Enthusiasts Love CA Vacation Rentals

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What is there for boating enthusiasts in the San Diego area?

Boating Enthusiasts Love CA Vacation Rentals

With hundreds of miles of California coastline, the ocean beckons to CA vacation rental guests to enjoy time at sea. Boating enthusiasts may really enjoy a vacation rental along the Pacific coastline, and a CA vacation rental may include renting a yacht or purchasing time aboard a recreational boat of some kind whether it's for fishing, parasailing, whale watching or just a romantic excursion aboard a dinner cruise.

When you are booking your CA vacation rental, check into the local boating and tourist sight seeing for other opportunities such as these:

  • offers a variety of dinner cruises, corporate charters, weddings and more. boasts more than 20 years of experience in maritime and event coordination. You can contact them by telephone at 619-200-7417.
  • Lantern Bay Charters offers elegance and professionalism including a sunset champagne cruise that is the perfect romantic getaway. They also offer sea tours between mid-December and mid-March to view the annual migration of the gray whales.
  • Helgren's Sportsfishing offers trips to the coast's prime fishing areas in the harbor and further out for deep sea fishing beyond the coastal reefs. The fishing guides are licensed and experienced in order to provide safety and confidence in their excursions. You can contract Helgren's Sportsfishing at 760-722-2133.
CA vacation rentals can enjoy a great deal of fun during their stay in San Diego. Explore boating opportunities for your next trip to Southern California and enjoy relaxing before and after at your CA vacation rental.



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