Things to Do in Tucson

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What is there to do in Tucson

Things to Do in Tucson

Because of its location near the border, Tucson blends together the cultures of the United States and Mexico. When visiting Tucson, you can also experience the culture of the Native Americans that settled in the area centuries ago.

Downtown Tucson is a cultural hub. You can explore the 10 nearby historical districts, spend the day shopping, or take in an evening at the opera or symphony. The base of Sentinel Peak on the west side of the downtown historic district is a major archaeological dig site and tourist hot spot. There are many archaeological sites around Tucson, if this piques your interest.

The topography in the Tucson area varies dramatically. On a 60-minute drive from downtown to Mt. Lemmon (the highest peak in the area), you will see an array of different landscapes, including the flowering desert, rolling green hills, rugged canyon areas and of course, the pine covered peaks.

The weather in Tucson is mild nearly year round. Therefore it's the perfect destination for all sorts of fun outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, horseback riding, golf and much more.

If you are into photography, Tucson features an amazing skyline where you can view five mountain ranges - Rincon Mountains, Tucson Mountains, Santa Catalina Mountains, Santa Rita Mountains and Tortolita Mountains.

Tucson is about an hour from the Mexican border. You can easily stay at one of the Tucson Arizona vacation homes during your stay and then make a day trip to Mexico for shopping and more fun.

Nearby Tucson, you can visit the areas where Wyatt Earp, Pancho Villa and Cochise once walked. And don't miss on a trip to Tombstone in Southern Arizona - the site of the "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral."



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