Where to Ski in California

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Where can I ski in California?

Where to Ski in California

One great thing about California is the variety of activities that are available in the state. In a relatively short amount of driving time, the scenery around you will change drastically. For example, you can enjoy a nice day at the beach, and then take a drive to ski country in a number of hours!

If you are interested in skiing in California, there are a number of vacation homes adjacent to great ski locations in the state. These vacation homes are competitively priced and will put you right in the heart of ski country.

No matter what part of the state you want to visit, you can find skiing in that area. In Northern California, Coppervale is popular with locals and tourists alike. In Southern California, Buckhorn is a world famous ski destination. Shirley Meadows in Central California and Donner Summit in the Lake Tahoe area are also very popular.

If you don't have the budget or the need for a vacation home when you are planning your ski vacation, also consider the various California vacation condos and California vacation cabins. Condo rentals and cabin rentals are priced lower than home rentals, but serve the same basic purpose for those who will spend most of their time on the slopes.



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