Visiting the Northern California Beaches

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What is there to do in Northern California?

Visiting the Northern California Beaches

If you are visiting Northern California, you have plenty of options concerning where to stay. California rentals in the northern part of the state are plentiful and are adjacent to the area's many beaches. The great thing about the beaches in Northern California is the peace and quiet. In Southern California hotspots, you will be one of thousands visiting the local beaches. Due to the number of people, you will end up paying more money to stay in the area. However, that isn't the case in the northern beaches where you can enjoy a more calm setting.

California beach rentals make for a great vacation. With hundreds of miles of coastline, you are sure to find a place that fits all your wants and needs. There are rocky beaches that are great for hiking and camping, as well as more traditional, sandy beaches of breathtaking beauty. Additionally, you can decide to stay in your car while taking in the beach scenery while driving along the stunning coastline.

If you want to visit the beaches of Northern California, popular destinations include Mendocino, Crescent City and Sea Ranch. All three of these locations provide great California vacation rentals. Once you find your appropriate lodging, the beaches won't be far away!



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