Planning for Winter in the Blue Ridge

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How do you plan for a winter vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains?

Planning for Winter in the Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge cabin rentals have something to offer that few others have. The Blue Ridge Mountains are quite different from any other mountain range and they are absolutely magnificent. You can enjoy scenic drives that are beyond picturesque. Whether you are looking at the crimson and orange colors of the autumn leaf turning or the rich, vibrant greens of the summer in all its fervent life.

Wintertime in the Blue Ridge Mountains brings its own set of challenges to it. The adventurous hiker and explorer may love the opportunity that winter brings and they may think it's a treat to be ‘snowed in.' With the right preparation however, you can make your journey to your Blue Ridge cabin rentals and your stay there, not only fun, but also safe.

Be sure to include in your travel plans and supplies:

  • A portable NOAA weather radio – this can alert you to Hazardous Weather conditions instantly and they work well in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Always let someone know when you are starting your drive up to or away from your Blue Ridge cabin rentals. This can help people track your progress.
  • Dress for the weather, be sure to wear warm winter clothing with long sleeve shirts, thermal socks, gloves and a hat – layers are best, because if you get too warm you can strip off the outer layer of clothing.
  • Invest in a map, a recent one and don't just rely on Internet directions because if you need to take an alternate route (many sections of the Blue Ridge parkway are closed in inclement weather) you need the map to help you figure it out.
  • Be sure your vehicle has an ice scrapper and snow brush whether you are bringing your own or renting a car.
  • A cold weather survival kit is another must have for winter vacations in the Blue Ridge mountains, be sure you have a flashlight, extra antifreeze, hazard markers, flares, emergency blankets, bottles of water and high energy food like granola – a whistle is also a good idea as well as extra hats and gloves.



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