Shop Till You Drop

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Is San Diego a great place to shop?

Shop Till You Drop

San Diego is chock full of places where you can shop and it's another great reason to pick San Diego vacation rentals for your vacation in southern California. There are a lot of things to do in San Diego from the world famous San Diego zoo to the surfing to the fishing and more. But there's also shopping and if you're looking for some great opportunities to shop – staying at a San Diego vacation rental provides you with many great opportunities.

If you are staying in a San Diego vacation rental, you'll want to check out:

Del Mar Plaza is a hill town market with a multitude of architectural designs and hidden surprises. There are three shopping levels and plenty of restaurants to stop in for a bite to eat. The entire area overlooks the ocean, so you can find great views to go with your shopping.

Old Town San Diego is a historic site filled with parks and shops. There is a distinct charm of Old Mexico hidden in this charming shopping district in the heart of San Diego.

South Coast Plaza is a huge mall experience with more than 3 million square feet of enclosed space and filled with shops that bring in 20 million visitors per year.

Balboa Park is where you can find the San Diego Zoo, but also a multitude of local shops that mix small town and modern flavors. There are plenty of outdoor cafes where you can stop for a coffee or a sandwich as well.

The unique identity of San Diego is a treasure trove of experiences that have to be explored again and again. Visitors who return of stay in San Diego vacation rentals in order to take advantage of the wealth of experiences while at the same time, enjoying their privacy and nesting urges.



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