Discover the Sunshine State

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What are the benefits of staying in a California vacation rental?

Discover the Sunshine State

The Southern California Beach Club offers vacation rentals in the Sand
Diego area. They are located just a few steps away from the Pacific
Ocean. They have ocean breezes and sun-drenched sand to wake up to
every morning and go to bed to every night. The city of San Diego
itself is packed with activities.

Renting a California vacation rental gives you and your family a chance to enjoy adventures at the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park. You and your family can enjoy a 2,100-acre preserve where animals wander freely. There are shows, pathways and even a monorail that guests can ride and observe the animals from. For the family staying at a California vacation rental that is looking for a different kind of fun and excitement you can go to Knott's Berry Farm or if you are further north in California there's always Disneyland. Disney offers their own California vacation rentals as well.

If you go further north in California to the Los Angeles area, there are California vacation rentals there can drop you into the midst of the Disney magic. The Magic Kingdom was Walt Disney's first amusement park and for some, it contains all of the original Disney magic.



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